The Artist

Inge Delfs

I want to make a difference with my artistic expression, which for me is closely linked to making a difference as a human being.

My pictures are my lifeblood.
I want to move people.

As an artist, I want to communicate, that the world with its colors, lights, images, forms and spaces are a continuing enrichment for me.

People fascinate me. So for me, portraits and nude portraits are indeed interesting to work with.

In my portraits I want to show what people "tell" me. People in my interpretation. My portraits are - also - fiction. In my nude portraits I seek an association of facial expression and radiance with the body, also in my interpretation. In both cases, reality, impressions and imagination become a whole.

My pictures are my personal interpretation and expression of my thoughts, what I observe, see and experience ... joy and pain.

The pictures shown are all created over time.

Some of the images may not be at home, but might be let out for exhibition on a gallery. 

My atelier is at my home. For me it is important that I can go "on and off" whenever I want it. And I work with many works at the time.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail

You are also welcome schedule a visit to my atelier. Here, you will find more works, than are shown on this site.

Inge Delfs